The Sequence bat is used to train the proper mechanics of the upper body in the swing. It separates the lead arm and power arm by forcing them to work from the correct position. If not in the correct position, it will be difficult to hit the ball. A secondary result is the ability to detect the feel of both arms individually so that any problems can be recognized and corrected
— Luke Scott - MLB: Houston, Baltimore, Tampa Bay

The Sequence Bat was received well and it is a STAPLE in our cages
— Coach Mike Candrea University Of Arizona Softball. 8 time NCAA Softball National Champions.

As a coach, I am always looking for simple tools to help teach players the proper movements. Verbal ques just don’t work, the body has to feel what is efficient. The Sequence bat is a great tool that does just that.
— Jake Schroeder - Coach - Russel, IA

My son has been a 4 year starter on his HS team, they have won two state tittles. Needless to say personal accolades were tough to come by because we have so many great players. This year he set out to improve his batting average and get to be a first team all state selection. The Sequence Bat played a huge role in helping him barrel more balls. He raised his average and flirted with .500 all year. Today he was named first team all state!! In the end it was the tee work/ soft toss with the Sequence Bat that got it done. Well done David M Minotti your product is wonderful
— Jeremy Smith - Coach - Muncie, IN
The sequence training bat is hands down the best swing training tool on the market. If your having trouble with staying back on the ball or keeping your hands inside the ball, this is the tool for you. Develops muscle memory and discipline for a more consistent swing. If you dont have a sequence training bat, your missing out on something special. The best investment you’ll ever make.
— Scott Turner - Coach - Corning, NY

The sequence bat reassures and rewards proper movements as well as expose improper ones, producing a more consistent and powerful swing!
— Bobby Minotti - Virginia Military Institute

Sequence bat has worked really well for me, it has helped me really work my top hand into my swing and give me great backspin on ever swing. When I have a bad swing I can realize it and adjust myself from the result.
— Carmine Lane - University of South Florida West Palm Beach, FL